May 16, 2022

Do Baby Teeth Need Treatment?

As a general dentist who loves treating children, something I'm often asked is 'Is treatment necessary for baby teeth?'

Deciduous teeth, also known as baby teeth erupt in our mouths within the first few months of life and normally stay until age 11 or 12. They are usually replaced by permanent or ‘adult’ teeth, so it’s understandable that some would consider them disposable. Whenever someone questions if treatment is necessary, I try to highlight the following points:

◦ Baby teeth serve as a space maintainer, keeping place for the developing adult tooth. Losing a tooth too early can cause shifting which may require orthodontic treatment to correct.
◦ Infections of baby teeth can cause issues for the developing adult tooth.
◦ Childhood oral health issues are a major cause of school absences

I recommend children be seen at least every 6 months for exams and cleanings and while in some instances watching and waiting may be appropriate, in many cases treatment may be necessary.

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