Dental Exams

Routine checkups

Dental exams are a key part of any oral health plan.

Our dentist performs thorough exams on each new patient, on regular patients on an annual basis, and on an emergency basis whenever required.

What do dentists look for during an exam?

During every exam, our dentist checks for signs of numerous oral health issues including cavities, gum disease and mouth or throat cancer. Our dentist will also assess the condition of any previous dental work.

The exam may also include a dental x-ray and an examination of the neck area. Remember to tell your dentist if you have been diagnosed with any new medical conditions since your last visit, along with any new medications you’ve been prescribed.

Our dentist will always communicate what is happening during an exam and explain the results of your exam to you. If you have any questions before, during, or after an exam, make sure to ask.

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