Whiten your smile

Brightening your smile is easier than you think.

With options for in-office or at-home treatment, our teeth whitening service is fast, safe and affordable. After we provide you with a custom bleach splint and a special bleaching agent, all you’ll need is a little time.

How is teeth whitening done?

In-office treatment uses our Zoom Whitespeed LED light and bleaching agent to whiten, while our at-home treatments use a custom tray created by an impression that will hold the bleaching agent against your teeth. In a short amount of time, the agent removes brown, yellow or spotted stains from your enamel.

After your smile has reached your desired brightness, only occasional treatment is required to maintain it over an indefinite period of time.

Tooth whitening will not affect tooth structure or existing dental work. Ask us about tooth whitening to review your options with our dentist.

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