June 10, 2024

Why do I have bad breath?

Have you ever experienced bad breath? Bad breath or halitosis is often caused by something going on in the mouth or throat.

Bad breath can be caused by:

- periodontal/gum disease

- cavities

- abscesses

- dry mouth

- ill fitting/poorly cleaned dental devices

- tonsil stones

Managing bad breath should involve an exam by a dentist and regular hygiene appointments. Daily brushing and flossing will help keep odor producing bacteria under control, and sugar free lozenges can help with dry mouth. Gargling with an alcohol free mouthwash can also be helpful in reducing bad breath.

If you would like to schedule your appointment with Dr. Hollingdale for an exam, call our office or book online at any time https://www.poolecreekdental.ca/book-online

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