Poole Creek COVID-19 Precautions

Poole Creek Family Dentistry is committed to protecting your health during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We take pride in exceeding regulatory guidelines to provide a safe working environment to staff and safe treatment for patients.

Daily screenings

We screen our staff and patients and conduct temperature checks and pulse oximetry readings.

Enhanced PPE

All of our staff are fit tested for N95 respirators.

Increased ventilation

All of our treatment rooms have been upgraded with HEPA air filters with HVAC approved settling times.

Limited capacity

Appointments are scheduled to stagger patient arrivals and limit contact.

Cleaning and disinfection

We have increased cleaning in reception areas and removed unnecessary items from our waiting room.

Contactless booking options

We have streamlined our clinic to accept bookings by telephone, email, text and allow select appointments to be scheduled by you on our website.